January 19, 2009

Memories - another page from my diary

Note: Half of this post is written in Gujarati. And, that part also contains explicit language!

So, I’m recalling those intimate moments, willingly or unwillingly. I don’t know what they meant for her. But for me, they meant a lot. They were special. Yes, they’ve gone. But, they’ve left the fragrance, fragrance of love, and fragrance of some lovely moments which would remain there in the mind forever.
People leave. Memories don’t.

E samaye evu lag eke samay thodi vaar thambhi jaat to kevu saru! Aa kshano pasar thavane badle sthir thai jay to? Aa hoth ane jibh chusto j rahu to? Ena sharirne hu mara sharir vade dabavi j rakhu to? Ena gaal, naak par hu mara gaal, naak feravya j karu to? Ena stanone hu dhavya j karu to? Eni aankho ma hu joto j rahu to?

Kon jaane kem e ghadio zadapthi pasar thai jay chhe pan e yaado lamba samay sudhi man ma rahe chhe. Kadach etla mate ke etlo anand mane bija koi samaye malyo nahi hoy! Kadach e karanthi ke e jindagini sauthi sundar kshano hati! Kadach e hakikatne lidhe ke man e badhu farithi ekvar, varamvar karva mage chhe.

I didn't deserve her. She didn’t deserve me. Or, probably it doesn’t even matter now. What matters is the fact that it has made me realize that life is so beautiful that it is not to be wasted worrying over small matters, at all. Life has taught me lessons. Some, which I didn’t want to learn, are taught too. And now, I feel that I’m luckier to have all this experience in my life. I now know its value, in a way probably better than others.

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