May 27, 2006

MAT(May) for CET : results are out!

My result :

Eng - 97.38
Maths - 98.14
DI - 98.81
Rsg - 93.88
GK - 91.96 (not considered in total percentile)

Total : 99.56

Had attempted 195 questions out of 200 !!

May 26, 2006

Gujarat not 'Fanaa' on Aamir Khan!

Now, what is this? India is a democratic country(, or at least believed to be so). Everybody is free to give his/her views on different issues or support one or the other ideology. And so is Aamir. He favoured those and spoke for the rehabilitation. And people in Gujarat banned his movies !! How disgusting !! Now, any celebrity would have to think twice before making any public statement on such issues. Doesn't it violate the very right of freedom of speech?

May 25, 2006

Why protest only by medical students(and not by all the students) ?

One question raises in my mind is 'why there are protests only from medical students?' It's time that students from all other fields also join the protest. Because, if there is reservation brought into effect in medical now, the 'reservation trap' may spread to other fields.

I'm to IIM

At last, started preparing again. When started preparing a couple of years back, aim was GCET and not CAT, then decided to take CAT and appeared in CAT-04. Appeared again in CAT-05, messed up after some good mock results, but now it's time to go to some IIM for a two years' stay !! I would like to quote one inspiring sentence here 'The whole world steps aside for those who knows where he is going'.

It's quite true. We often either are unaware of or not very focussed on our goals of life. There are times when life is very easy-going, but nobody would like to lead to a life where you don't need to do anything. Life is the satisfaction that we get on our accomplishments!