May 23, 2007

My CET GDPI Experience

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Here is my experience:

Center: Commerce Faculty, Shivaji University, Kolhapur


The panel told us to select one topic.

GD Topic : (1) *I don't remember * (2) Quota in private sector

There were 12 people scheduled to come in my group but only 5 turned up . After the panel said that these two are the topics, everybody started saying that we want to discuss the second topic without discussing among ourselves .

The panel instructed that first we need to speak on the topic for a minute and then we should start the discussion and then one of us should give a conclusion.

After that the GD started and I was almost the only person speaking . But I did stop and give others chance whenever others tried to speak, but unfortunately only two ladies speak and that too only 3-4 lines. I continued to speak for almost next 4-5 mins. Then I stopped, because I thought I had spoken enough. But, even after that the others didn't speak at all.

But then there prevailed silence . And the panel intervened and said that we need to maintain continuity. There shouldn't be gap in between .

I again started speaking but nobody except me spoke after that at all (except that 2 of them could speak a single sentence each which they could when I gave them a chance when they tried to speak when I was speaking). After 7-8 minutes, I stopped and the GD ended. (I could have continued but I thought it would be bad if I continue speaking as I had already spoken enough for about 5-6 minutes ). I stopped everytime anybody tried to speak. But unfortunately that didn't happen quite often. Except one girl, the remaining three people were not very comfortable with English.

After that, the panel told us to summerise. I told others if any of others want to conclude (as I had already got enough of air-time ) but nobody came forward. And I also concluded the topic. In all, I talked for around 6 mins out of 8 mins


There were two panelist in PI: P1 ~ 50, P2 ~ 60

Me: Good afternoon, Sirs.
P1&P2: Good afternoon. Please sit.
Me: Thank you, sir.
P1: So, tell me about yourself.
Me: *told*
P1: So, you want to start a business?
Me: Yes sir, it is my long-term goal.

Then both of them asked me about how exactly I would start it, where will I get finance from and after how many years, etc. They kinda' grilled me here . But, I was prepared for all this

P1: That's good that you are determined and all that, but you mentioned that taking a lot of time in taking important decisions is your weakness? What exactly you mean?
Me: *told*
P1: Any incident which made you feel so?
Me: *told*
P1: Any other incidents?
Me: *told*
P2: So, why do you think it's your weakness? How does it affect you?
Me: It wastes my time and occupies my mind for time-being and blah and blah and blah
P1: So, you can't be a good manager as you can't take decision quickly, right?
Me: No, sir. I have been working on it and have succeeded to a certain extent.
P1: What are you doing to improve over it?
Me: *told*
P1: How did you implement it when you had to make decisions quickly?
Me: *told*
P1: (looking at the answer-sheet) So, you've got 99.98 in MAT. What is MAT?
Me: Sir, it's Management Aptituted Test just like CET conducted by AIMA. And blah, blah...
P1: So, this is your percentile or percentage or score? (I'd forgot to write the word 'percentile')
Me: It's percentile, sir. And my score is 800/800
P2: Why is this exam taken? Why did you take this exam?
Me: Sir, this is a national level entrance exam whose score can be submitted to many colleges for admission into management courses. As an OMS candidate, I can submit this score to DTE and the higher of MAT and CET score will be considered for admission. This year the equivalent score would be 143 (courtesy: PG )
P1: You have good percentage in 10th and 12th. Why not the same in college?
Me: *told* (I was prepared for this question)
P1: You are BCA. Why not MCA?
Me: MCA is more of repetition of BCA and blah, blah...
P2: Who told you so?
Me: I have a couple of friends in MCA in DDU, Nadiad. They told me. Even I have checked the syllabus and found the same.
P1: But why MBA?
Me: *told*
P1: So you are working? Where are you working and what's your designation?
Me: *told*
P1: So, you write diary? You write in English or Gujarati?
Me: I have been writing diary for last 4 years. I have been writing it in English. For the rist 2-3 months when I started, I used to write in Gujarati
P2: Even I am also Gujarati. I am from Baroda.
Me: Okay
P2: I am impressed with your determination. Though you still have a chance to improve in your speech, your English is quite good. I am impressed with your English.
Me: Thank you, sir. I have worked hard on it.
P2: I have not seen many Gujarati students from vernacular background with as good English as yours. What have you done to improve over it?
Me: *told*
P1: When did you realize that you need to work on your English?
Me: In first semester of my college when I saw that some of my class-mates used to talk in English and I couldn't. In the starting of my first year, I realized it and started working on it.
P1: So, it's over. Thank you. You may leave.
Me: Thank you sir.
P2: (when I was just about to leave the chair) Keep your this spirit forever.
Me: Surely. Thank you sir!

So, in all, GD and PI were the best ever I had in my life. I doubt whether my stopping speaking after 7-8 mins of GD was good or not. I knew that if I would stop, the GD will stop. But, I thought it's better to stop the GD in stead of continue speaking alone as nobody else was speaking at that time.

@all... Was it a good move? Or should I have continued the GD for 4-5 mins more?

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