November 08, 2007

Video : Modi interviewed by Karan Thapar

I came across this video while surfing. This is an interview of the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi by the famous interviewer Karan Thapar. The interview makes me recall a similar interview from the Hindi movie 'Nayak'. Anyway, enjoy it...

The original link of the video on the IBN site is here


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    Haresh - K. Thapar looks like an ass in this video. Thanks for making him look so stupid as he tries to insult India's top Leader. Modi will continue to lead Gujrat and he will have support from ALL Indians.

    1. Mr Haresh, Watch video carefully you will be able to make out who is ass and who is Karan Thappar. I agree that Mr Modi leads a state but that does not mean he could conceal what he has done. Plz do appreciate the person for his talent but do have courage to raise your voice when they go wrong...

    2. @Anonymous,

      I completely agree with you. I never liked Narendra Modi and never will. Nothing can justify killings of innocent people and the communal violence he propagated.

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