June 19, 2008

A poem I wrote...

I am posting a poem which I wrote some 10 months back.

I miss you.

I miss you, in it's true sense I miss you
I remember your words on chat "Can I kiss you?"
I wish you also tell me "I miss you"
I wish you sit silently beside me
I wish you say someday "Kiss me"
I miss those moments when we were together
I miss those talks when we were idiots together
I miss your stopping me because you felt shy
I want to be stupid when you are around me
I want, yet, you to believe that it's me
I, on a beautiful day, could tell you I love you
I miss those moments when I heard the same from you
Now, you are far but your memories are with me
They are what make me feel you are still with me
In photo or in dreams, whenever I see you
I get an image of a lovely and beautiful you
Your memories fill my days and nights with joy
Just like a kid has found again his favourite toy
My love-story is small but very beautiful, it's true
Because in it, there is none other than you.


  1. really beautiful poem....very romantic 1......hey always write poems..never discontinue your art of writing

  2. Mr. Mandani you gave the copyright to somebody else..how could you publish here without prior permission...this poem on your blog.. :/ hmmm...good work ..keep it up.

  3. @Shruti & Anonymous,

    Thanks for appreciating it :)


    I have all the copyrights of my poem :D

  4. Its of 20 lines intentionally or just like that?

  5. It was unintentional.

    Any significance of a poem with 20 lines?

  6. A relly Good one ... I like it a lot, specially the last couple of lines ... Keep it up buddy.

    Even I've written a couple of poems, I hope you have something to say about them ... Do visit me sometime....

  7. @Sunny,

    Thanks! I don't think writing poems in English is one of my strongest areas though.

    I'll surely read your poems :-)