July 14, 2008

What do I mean by love?

In a step to discover myself, I was thinking about love and all at odd hours ;-)

Is it a desire for support? Well... not for me.

Why do we, rather I, crave for someone to be there? Well, I'm not 'craving for'

Love, or the lack of it, can drive people crazy. Did the same happen with me? Well, no. Whatever happened was normal, weren't they? (And does it really matter much whether they were normal or not?)

Love... what do I mean by 'love'? Is it a feeling that I happen to experience whenever I make a female friend? :P Of course not :D. Is it the urge of caring for someone? Well, I care for many. But, love for me does mean caring for a person, even in smallest matters.

Love for me is thinking about that someone and smiling. It's in taking her as a source of inspiration. It's in making love with her. It's in watching her smiling. It's in taking utmost care not to make her feel sad.

It's in discovering her. It's in discovering myself.


  1. Nice thought.I 2 wonder what is love..I need to think about it too.Nice article ..Keep writing

  2. Rahul JainJuly 20, 2008

    Infact love is a desire to feel important and cared for. I would call it a weakness of human being that he craves to be committed. Weak are those who want to fall in love or be committed. Why dont we learn to care for ourselves and live life for ourselves while ultimately we are going to do that only. Why do we want to make someone an easy medium to our mental peace and comfort!! Why do we shun for discovering this truth with in ourselves that our ultimate goal is to make life pleasant for ourselves not for others and it is in rare cases when the objective of getting life pleasant for oneself and well as making life pleasant for the other one is fulfilled. So cant we make our lives happier on our own without seeking help from any foreign agency. These are just views after having a break up. Came across your blog through google while searching for something else. You write nicely. Have a nice time.

  3. AnonymousJuly 25, 2008

    well i am not sure if you now urself too well...but i could find all those things u negated before the last para on the post to exist as a part of u....
    You Crave...to see her smile and feel the satisfaction and contentment within you.
    You care for a lot of people...that IS love...would you care of anyone you dont know...its coz there is not affection or love.
    You need the support of her..to discover yourself...
    you desire the passion, inspiration and devotion...
    and that my friend is LOVE!!

    think about it :)