April 18, 2009

First meeting - yet another page from my diary

The following is yet another page from my diary which I choose to post here. It's written after and about my first meeting with a crush of mine ;-)

It was half past four in the evening. I was in Landmark in her city, moving from one page to another and one book to another. I started finding it difficult to concentrate in printed content. Then I found it impossible. I was waiting for her. Aah! I was feeling butterflies moving around in my stomach.

I was trying to forget that I was waiting for her and so poked my nose into a book on Raj Kapoor’s life and his work. She saw me, came near me and we started talking. We didn’t find the book she wanted. We went in the parking zone. She’d a moped.

Aahan! She asked me to ride it. Alas! I don’t know it very well. I sat on the backseat and she rode it. It was the beginning of a wonderful experience. She was wonderful. She really is. I wanted to keep my hand around her waist. Then I put a full-stop to my imaginations and wild desires.

We were going to Crossword. She kept on talking. She talks lovely. She in fact looked younger and behaved in a more friendly way than my expectations.

Oh! I’m falling in love. Or am I rising? Isn’t it too early to start expecting so much from life?

We went to Crossword. I found her the best book she can get for MAT. She found what she wanted. We went upstairs to spend some quality time together. But, the CCD was still to start its operations.

I was again on her moped. We were on the way to Goodies. Both of us were talking equally this time. Her hair were moving on my face. They were silky just like her.

We reached Goodies but preferred to go to another food joint nearby. This was the first quality time we were to spend with each other. And it certainly it turned out to be.

She told me about a lot of things: her experience at job, her family, her skid performances, her exams, her other job, and a lot of other things. She talked a lot.


  1. Dude..way to go ... ;) ... take it slow...... :P ... nice to know u enjoying life ;) n having good company

  2. wowie.. \:D/ Feels good to read !

    Who is she but ?

  3. @Wafa,

    I took it so slow that I lost her :O :P


    Thanks for the compliment. Well, she's someone special. We couldn't go well as lovers. We're very good friends now. I can't tell you more here ;)

  4. I love your style to writting us about your experiences. I feel mysellf in India reading you :)

    Nice to meet you,


  5. Carina!

    Oh! Thanks you so much! That really inspires me :-)

    I believe I still have a long way to go before I write very well :-)

    Thanks for the visit! I visited your blog but I couldn't understand much. I don't know Spanish. I'll read it again soon with the help of translators :-)

    It is nice meeting you too!

    [¡Oh! Gracias tanto! Eso realmente me inspira :-)

    Creo que todavía tengo un largo camino que recorrer antes de escribir muy bien :-)

    Gracias por la visita! He visitado su blog pero yo no entendía mucho. No sé español. Voy a leerlo de nuevo pronto con la ayuda de traductores :-)

    Mucho gusto!]