October 13, 2009

Diary bloggified

Finally I decided to put some of the pages from my diary on my blog. Though I've posted them just today, I've set the dates back to the ones they were written on by me. So, they appear in the middle of other posts.

Here is the link to the first article, here is the second and here is the third.

Talking a little more about my habit of writing diary, it's something I started when I was in tenth standard, not in much organized way at that time though. I stopped that after a year and started it again after around fifteen months i.e. in the beginning of my first year of graduation.

I used to write it in Gujarati till then, in fact, till around the end of 2003 as far as I can remember. It's my mother-tongue. Then onwards, I started writing it in English. I still sometimes write, at least some part of a write-up in Gujarati though it's a rare case nowadays. In fact, I've almost stopped maintaining diary in last couple of years. I just update it once in a month or two. And, I really doubt if I'll ever get back to the habit of maintaining it on a daily basis.

Writing is fun. And writing personal diary is even more fun. Try it once if you have never tried so.


  1. It is an absolute fun, I started writing my diary way back.. but it was not on a regular basis, only used be when I was a bit low. And then again last year I decided I would write it on a regular basis. But no success till now. But it surely is fun.

  2. Yeah, it's absolute fun.

    And, often we decide that we'll write it regularly this time onwards. But, we hardly succeed. I used to think what you've been thinking i.e. 'I'll be regular in it, blah blah'. But, now I've realized that it's not possible. And, it would really be possible to write if you don't really want to.

    I guess, blogging will replace my habit of writing diary, except for the write-ups which can't be published on a public blog.

  3. Its great i like it too much. Now i we'll write regulariy in my diary.

  4. @Sudhanshu,

    Thanks! And it's nice that you wish to write diary regularly.

    By the way, I tried to check your blogger profile but I couldn't see the page. You seem to have kept it private (= not shared).