November 07, 2009

Walking down memory lanes

The following is an improved version of a post which I'd written around two years back in a forum under a topic related to walking down memory lanes and recalling those good old days when we were very young.

Oh... those old golden days...

...when I used to go to school in shorts... with a 25 paise coin to spend during the break time... from which I normally used to buy my favourite honey-flavoured peppermints... 3 peppermints for 25 paise... Sometimes during the break, coming back to home, having some food and then going back to school... entering the room with fear that the teacher would scold for being late... Cleaning the ground and rooms in the school every month or two... Singing prayer in the big hall everyday... Feeling ecstatic on the day when the teacher congratulated me... or when I'd scored well in the exams...

in first standard when I hated going to school, Papa used to take me to school holding my hand... going to school with slate in hand with homework written all over it... (We were not supposed to use pen and notebook till we entered class 5)

after the school finishes, often waiting for some friends till they finish their mid-day meals... I liked it a lot seeing so many of my classmates eating together sitting on the ground... in fact, I used to feel really bad that I was not one of them eating food together in the school since all of them looked so happy having food while talking with one another sitting in a large group...

in my way to school or to my way back home, when a tangewala carrying kids to Aanganwadi (Kindergarten) passed by me, I used to run along with it and beat it in racing in the streets of my village :P In fact, we friends also used to have race among ourselves in our way back home and we used to run along the streets...

going to watch TV in neighbour's house... only two channels : DD-1 and Zee TV... Used to feel very happy watching 'Chitrahaar'... and at the time of watching a 'feature film' on TV, I just used to feel like anything... I was a hardcore TV fan at that time...

playing marbles... playing gilli-danda... playing with top... playing cards was not allowed till we were young yet sometimes playing cards without parents' knowledge... time just used to fly by.

I'm feeling much nostalgic about all those days!


  1. yeah..old days are the most golden period of life ..your post has taken me to my old times :) nice one :)

  2. Nice post:)
    Which village are you from?

    Deepa from

  3. @adreamygal,




    It's a small town in Gujarat, some 200 odd kms south-west from Ahmedabad.