June 06, 2006

My GDPI experience (for CET) at Welingkar

Here's my CET GDPI experience at Welingkar (June 3).


We were, as usual, given two topics to choose from. First was 'Privatisation of educational institutions will help improve the quality of education in India'. All of us were in favour of the first topic. (And, that's why I've forgot what the second topic was!).

Before the starting of the GD, the moderator(there were three moderators) asked(or rather warned) us not to create fish-market and advised us to let everybody speak.

There were around 13 students supposed to come. But only seven turned up. We were given chits to write our points on before the GD started. The GD was quite peaceful. Nobody looked aggressive. And almost everyone spoke for 1-3 minutes. After around 20 minutes, we ran out of topics and the moderator asked us to summarise. And one girl summarised the GD. In all, the GD was more peaceful than I had expected.


There were two persons in my PI panel. The PI went like...

Q : Tell me something about yourself.
A : *told*
Q : Tell me something about your family.
A : *told*
Q : You did your BCA in 2004, right? What did you do after that?
A : Prepared for MBA entrances.
Q : For two years? Why didn't you join any job?
A : *justified*
Q : Why MBA?
A : *justified*

Actually the most of the interview then was on 'why MBA?', 'is it actually necessary?' kind of questions . They asked me to justify it.
Q : What is your score?
A : 126

Q : What will you do now?
A : I'll go for the first four colleges of CET if I get selected. I'll go for CAT-06 otherwise.
Q : Which are the top four colleges in CET?
A : JB, Wel, KJ and Syd
Q : Will you go if you get selected for other colleges, say Chetna or MET?
A : No, then I'll appear for tests next year.
Q : Are you sure?
A : Yes

Then again, there were 'Gujarati are born managers (). Why MBA then?' kinda questions. It lasted for around 12-15 minutes.

I can say my performance in both GD and PI was good to very good .

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