June 23, 2006

Why do love marriages result in failure?

There is a thread on PG where discussion on the topic "Why do love marriages result in failure...???? "is running. I've also put my views there (post #36). Here is the copy of it :

In love marriages, we expect our partner to be as affectionate as he/she was in the starting of the relationship. (And we sometimes behave more nicely in the initial stage of a new relationship ). But it isn't often the case. It's quite common that when we are deeply in love with our partner, we often tend to overlook their bad habits. But, after marriage, we can't ignore them like we did in the past, because we have to deal them on regular basis. Now, unless they still love their partner, they don't try much to 'compromise'. And that's what we call 'failure' of love marriage.

In arrange marriage, in most cases, the guy and the girl don't know each other very well. So, they are kinda more 'ready' and open for bad habits of the partner. And they are also a bit more tolerant (may be because their marriage were arranged ones! Actually the basic meaning of arranged marriage is to 'adjust' with the partner we get - my personal view). So, even if they aren't very comfortable with each other, they try to adjust for their partner. They for some reasons(which we have to find out) feel more committed to each other. And so they compromise on many things and the marriage 'survives'. (One point I'd like to add here is that not all marriages which don't end up in divorce can be called 'successful' marriages.)

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