June 15, 2006

Preparation agenda for CAT

The preparation agenda is like this :

Completing most of the CL material and IMS material before AIMCATs starts(23rd June).
Completing BRMs of IMS and Funda books of CL is having the highest priority.
Not to forget reading other books for voc, newspapers for RC, calculation fundas like square roots and cube roots(I have made list of such things in a page).

How and how much to do from 'QA-AGuha' will be thought once I have a deep glance at the book.

IIMs don't seem to be that far now :)


  1. hey Harsh,
    gr88 ging bro...def IIMS is not that far now...
    v wil def land up 2gther at IIMA campus next year...btw,me too in thye very same race...